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Network Security

Wesa Network Security And Cyber Forensic Solution

Malformed and garbage traffic detection and purge
Log server protection from outside world access
Special purpose Ethernet based protocol for log transfer (code named MONLOG)
Log-or-Block mode to guarantee the storage of passing logs by forcing both sides to resend the missing part of data
Completely silent operation
Subnet/IP locking for monitoring
Authentication system compatible to classify the logs based on users


WesaNetwork Security And Cyber Forensic Solution | Summary
Superior Network Security 
Easy and Flexible Setup  
Fully Manageable Features 
Traffic Content storage Archive Management
Sophisticated Visualizer  
Log Profiling for Court 
Fault Tolerant and Reliable  
Super Fast Integrated DBMS  
Extremely Manageable
Attack Source Identification
Intrusion Mechanism Reporting Vulnerability
Virtual Private Network  
Flexible Key Management 
Fault Tolerant Auto Recovery
  Flexibility for Installation
Extraordinary Features
Lots of Included Software
False Traffic (Flood) Rejection
Search for Evidences
From 2Mbps to Gbps
Load Balancing Option
Graphic User Interface
Extremely Manageable
Intruder Activity Listing
Security Configuration Setup
Extensible Cryptography
Central Incident Management
Fault Tolerant Auto Recovery













  • Wesa Sepehr  series firewalls are simple to setup, yet very powerfull.
    They are flexible, intelligent, 1U rack mountable products.
    Each Wesa Sepehr firewall, comes with multiple 10/100 or 10/100/1000 Ethernet  ports.

  • The Sepehr can act both as a router or as an Ethernet switch. It has all its features in both modes
  • It inspects the packet contents, traces the TCP packets, aligns the packets, mounts the fragmented IP packets, controls the number of connections to a destination.
  • It accepts lists of MAC addresses, IP addresses, and port numbers as the source or destination in its rules.
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