Thu, Oct 24, 2019
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Software Development & Integration

Wesa Comserv alliance team has a wealth of experience in requirement analysis, systems analysis, software design, software coding and quality assurance testing.  Similarly, we translate client’s requirements into software and hardware system integration to provide effective, efficient, and cost saving solution to our clients.

Biometric Solution (features)
Our robust Biometric solutions are suitable for access control and various other identification and verifications applications.  These Biometric solutions can be integrated with our Human Resources System, CrimeTracker and more for added features.  We are constantly researching on applications using very reliable fingerprint, image recognition and barcode processing algorithms.

This is useful in creating access points to restricted areas, staff audits, finger print matching for personnel, financial and criminal records.

Telecoms Billing Solution 
Our national and international interconnect billing software presents a total solution for interconnect billing issues.  Its packaged inter operator(IOB) and inter carrier billing(ICB) and automatic reconciliation (IRS) solutions ensure that companies realize all generated revenue through the use of a tested and future-proof system. 

At the retail end, we provides both postpaid and prepaid billing solutions.

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